Heather's Testimony

Avoiding Glances

In the summer of 2011, I made a series of selfish choices that changed the course of my life forever. These choices dishonored God, impacted my church and the people around me, and they broke the heart of my husband of 15 years. I remember during this time walking through the grocery store and seeing people point, stare and whisper. People I thought would never leave my side turned their heads the other way as I passed by. The world said that I should lose everything for what I did. The world said that my husband should leave me, take my boys away and never look back. The world said I didn’t deserve a second chance. The world said I should not even bother stepping into a church again. The world was judgmental, cruel and harsh.

But, God said something different.

One week after my sins were made known, I was broken. Broken by the gentle hand of my Father for the very first time in my 37 years of life. I sat with three Godly women who prayed for my family and me. In that moment, I became so aware of my sins and what my sins had done to my family and to my God. I fell to the floor. My sin was like a heavy weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t even breathe. One of the ladies laid her hand on me and prayed, “Father, please don’t let her see her sin without seeing a glimpse of her Savior.” God answered her prayer in a very powerful way.

Because of God’s love for me, He didn’t let me continue in my life of sin. Because of His love, He let my world fall apart. But it brought me to a place where I fell in love with Jesus, the rescuer of my sin sick soul.

God let my world fall apart, but through His miraculous work, He took a shattered pile of ashes and put it back together even stronger than it was before. God showed me that He is a God of second chances, redemption and restoration.

My husband and I have journeyed through a lot over the past three years. We have cried a ton and have laughed even more. We have been to marriage intensives, marriage counseling and marriage seminars. We have read more books on marriage than we can count. And above all else we have chased after God with everything in us. We have found a church family at Pinelake that welcomed us with open arms and never judged us. We have built friendships that are real and God-centered. We have started a marriage ministry that reaches out to couples that have a marriage in crisis and don’t know where to turn.

As I remember the woman that I was, the woman standing in the grocery store humiliated, scared and alone, I fall at the feet of my Jesus once again. He has changed my marriage, my family and my life.

— Heather Bryant